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Sheet-fed, digital and web printing as well as the full range of finishing services.

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At our company you will benefit from individual and flexible service as well as free technological advice. You can rely on our experience to realize your ideas.



We offer the production of books with softcover, with flaps on the cover, hardcover, flexible cover and sewing. These products can be enriched with lamination (mat, gloss, soft touch and anti-scratch), embossing, spot UV, 3D UV, die cutting, hot stamping and other effects.

Catalogues and advertising materials

We offer a rich portfolio of advertising materials including catalogues, brochures, leaflets, flyers, folders, stickers, posters, wobblers, business cards, shelf-talkers, feeding pads, calendars, advertising pyramids, bags and others. All of them can be individualized with unique project, design and execution.


We offer a closed production cycle for packaging. We can develop, print, die cut, glue and add finishing effects.

All products

Please see more of our wide product portfolio here. (magazines, textbooks, pharmaceutical products)


Our mission is to be a successful company, creating a brand image as one of the best in the market and delivering quality products to our clients. Our products are valuable to society as they deliver knowledge, information and develop a person’s imagination. They also help our clients to grow their business. Our products are used daily by many people and reach all households.


Alliance Print’s vision is to be a leading company in the industry and reliable partner of our clients. We are a leader in the delivery of quality products and services in the printing industry. We work closely with our partners, offering the best solutions and delivering on time. We achieve all this thanks to advanced technical equipment and the qualifications of our employees.

We create value for our customers.  

Every customer is important for us
Every customer is important for us

Why should you choose us?


Our professional team follow every step of the production process to guarantee high quality of the finished products. We follow demanding standards and follow clients’ requests.


At Alliance Print a main area of focus is sustainable growth. We work following the guidance of ISO 14001:2015 for protecting the environment. We invest a lot in employee training and development.


At the company are employed over 170 employees, specialists in their work with some having over 30 years of experience. Most of our sales team have a degree in polygraphy so they can help our clients every step of the way.


High quality products, short delivery times and the geographic position of Bulgaria allow the company to be competitive and export to France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, the UK and others.


We help our partners to distinguish themselves among their competitors. We offer a wide variety of finishing services (3D UV spot varnish, 3D hot stamping, dies cutting and many others).


Every year we invest in new equipment in order to offer our clients new possibilities and high quality. This allows us to be more efficient and competitive.


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Michelle P.
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John J.
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Smith T.

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